When and where is this conference?

Our Collaborative Conference is being held May 18, 19 and 20th at the Pasea Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach, California. It is the premier event of its kind to happen in Southern California.

How much is the conference?

The price is $1525 and includes all classes and workshops, access to vendors and speakers, private vendor expo, access to all giveaways, personal event app for your smartphone, access to all private online groups and more. There are up to $800 in discounts & free giveaways off that price as of this writing .

Is hotel included?

If you stay at the Pasea Hotel for the event, until the hotel is sold out, we are including one night of your stay as part of your registration fee. For the remaining nights, we have been granted very special discount rates for our registered students (approx $100-$200/night off of the retail rate or about $279/night for budgeting purposes).

The venue hotel does not have enough rooms for all the students, so they will sell out on a first come, first served basis. This is a big reason to register as soon as possible (and save the time and cost of transportation to and from classes every day!) Everything will be taken care of.

Just give your credit card to the hotel on check-in and you will pay for your stay (less the one night per above) when you leave. 

For students sharing a room, indicate that, yes, you want a room on the Registration form and just put the name of the person you want to share with in the “notes/suggestions” box at the bottom of the Registration form.

Note that if you share a room, there is still one night free for the three night stay. It’s not additive. The discount is per room, per 3 night stay. 

What are the closest airports?

(without traffic)

John Wayne/Orange County Airport (15 minutes)

Long Beach International (30 minutes)

Los Angeles International (60 minutes)

How many people are attending?

We have classrooms and speakers that can accommodate up to 350 students if needed, but likely attendance will be between 150 and 300 photographers.

How do I register for the event?

I want to be a vendor and sell items how do I do that?

 Fill out the brief registration form on this site, and we will be in contact with you with details and pricing information.

Who are the speakers?

We have released the first 20+ Speakers and the Topics here on this site. More speakers will be added very soon.

How do I register for classes?

After the final Speaker is added to the roster this Fall, we will send out an email to those already registered students to let them know they can choose their classes.

The early bird students that pre-registered back in June will be notified first.

Can I bring my children?

We are providing childcare for an additional fee. This is the only additional expense for the entire event. Fees will be listed when class registration opens up. If you are nursing, there will be private nursing stations available.

How do I register for my room?

When you register for the event and fill out your student information, you will automatically be assigned a room unless you opt out of the hotel.  The room is completely refundable up until a month prior to the event. After you register the hotel will contact you by email to fill out a credit card authorization form to make sure your room will be there when you arrive.

The Pasea cannot accommodate all the students so it is important you register as soon as possible and avoid having to drive to and from classes every day. Note, if you are sharing a room, still indicate that you want a room, but make sure you put the name of the person you are sharing with (or that you would prefer to share with someone) in the “notes/suggestion” box at the bottom of the Registration form.

We can’t guarantee that everyone who wants to share will be matched up with someone, but you will be able to post your wishes on the Facebook Belly Baby Beyond attendee group between now and the event.

When you show up to the event, you just need to give the hotel your credit card. Then when youcheck out, you will be charged for your stay (less the one night per above) along with incidentals.

What if the Paseo hotel books up?

We will be providing additional Hotel information for the surrounding area on this website. Unfortunately, only the Pasea will be offering discounts for our event, so register soon!

Is food really included in the event?

We will have complimentary twice daily snack sessions every day of the event. For regular meals the students are directed to the fabulous hotel restaurant or the adjoining eateries and food court in the adjacent shopping mall just steps away from the hotel.

Are alcoholic drinks included?

Sorry no. But it’s an amazing Hotel with a wonderful lounge areas – including a rooftop bar (21 and over), and you are welcome to buy your own!

Will there be wifi?

Wifi is provided in your Pasea Hotel room as part of your resort fee and in the vendor expo areas as well as all the hotel common areas. Cell service is “a couple bars or better” throughout the hotel grounds. Wifi will not be available in the classrooms. If you are staying in another Hotel, wifi is not included.

If I am in class will I miss out on shopping in the vendor area?

NO! Our Vendor area is available in the evening for students to shop after classes. So there’s no reason to slip out and miss any of the good stuff you paid for.

Are there any additional charges outside of the fee?

Except for childcare (estimated at $15/hr), taxis to/from the airport or hotel parking (if you rent a car), there are no other costs for the event. 

What is the refund policy?

Due to the limited nature of availability there are no refunds. If you can’t make it you can sell your seat in any of our social media platforms.