Bryan Caporicci

Conference Classes by Bryan Caporicci

Keynote: Redefine Busy

Being a photographer isn’t about being busy. It isn’t about more money, more connections or more opportunities. It’s about being an entrepreneur and enjoying the freedom, flexibility and control that comes with it. It’s about doing what you love and making a living doing it. It’s about designing the lifestyle you want and creating a business that fits into it.Too many photographers do the opposite and structure their life around their business. Would you like to do more of the things you love to do? Would you like to spend more time with the people you want to spend time with? Would you like to be the best person you can be? If so, then let’s redefine your relationship with time. Let’s redefine how and where you chose to invest your attention. Let’s redefine your priorities. Let’s redefine your business. Let’s redefine busy.

Pricing for Profit

Do you struggle knowing how to price your photography? Do you spend too much time justifying your pricing to your clients? Are you making the living you know you should be making from photography? When you price yourself the right way and give an even greater amount of value to your clients, not only are you able to make a sustainable living, but you’re able to attract clients who will happy pay the prices you charge. I’ve taught our Pricing for Profit philosophy to tens of thousands of photographers across the world and our book Pricing for Profit is used as a textbook in some photography colleges! Join me for this class where you’ll learn exactly how to price your photography and how to create value for your clients so that they’re happy to pay your prices.

Bryan Caporicci is the CEO and founder of Sprout Studio, the photography industry’s first all-in-one system for running a successful business. Sprout Studio allows you to streamline your business, save time, look great to your clients, and make more money all in one place. Bryan is a regular speaker on the circuit, speaking at Canada Photo Convention, WPPI, Inspire Photo Retreats, Shutterfest, various PPOC and PPA events/conferences and many other smaller workshops around the country. His expertise is teaching the business of photography and believes that success in photography is 80% business and 20% photography.  He likes to empower photographers to run successful and sustainable businesses by focusing on the basics – marketing, sales and pricing.