Emily Lucarz

Conference Classes by Emily Lucarz

Prepping, planning and shooting a lifestyle newborn session with a backlighting/swaddling demo

Learn everything you need to know on how to prepare your clients and yourself on how to have a successful newborn lifestyle session.  Set yourself apart in an oversaturated photography market.   Watch how Emily advertises, gets the right clients, books them, prepares them and shoots for not only the client but for awesome sales. Emily will help you to feel confidant on starting to break into the newborn lifestyle world. Emily will photograph a family in natural light.

Emily started as a full time photographer back in 2009. Like many other photographers, her first born son arrived and she found her creative side and left her career as a Speech Pathologist. Since starting her business, she has won numerous awards, both local and global, been published in magazines and books (sold at Barnes and Noble), now teaches advanced photography workshops around the world, is a teacher on the world renowned platform of Creative Live TV and continues to teach parents at home in St. Louis how to use their camera. Emily is known to book a year in advance, and maintains her clients due to her happy disposition and the ability to become friends with everyone. Parents frequently call her a “baby whisperer” and ask how in the world she can make her typically arguing children all get a long, for just an hour. When parents leave their photo sessions, wives typically hug Emily, thanking her for making them all have such a fun session, as they tend to be concerned that their husband will hate photo shoot day :). Kenny, Emily’s husband, now runs the business side of things. Thanks to a fabulous client base, a family team was born in 2015. A mom to 2 beautiful and HILARIOUS boys, she’s one lucky mama.