Sandra Moffatt

Conference Classes by Sandra Moffatt

Build your Shoot List

Imagine if you could slow down the posing process and learn hands-on the vital techniques to get the perfect shot, while avoiding unsettling the baby?  During our interactive workshop, Sandra will guide you through both simple and complex newborn posing that will have you safely and easily achieving that perfect shot, every time.

I will be covering

Simple to complex newborn posing

Flow posing and maximising your time during a sessions

Wrapping techniques


Best camera angles

Working with props

Photographing Multiples

Safety techniques

What to bring

– DSLR Camera

– Spare Memory Cards

– Spare Battery

– Notepad & Pen

Sandra Moffatt is a internationally renowned, multi-award winning Australian Photographer, Author, Inventor and advocate for newborn safety.  Sandra has spent almost a decade behind the camera creating stunning multi-dimensional imagery of life’s little miracles and milestones through her studio Moffatt Photography, in Brisbane.  But she attributes her strong compassion for babies to the loss of her own baby, back in 2003.  This was also the driving force that lead Sandra and her husband Brendon to embark on a personal mission to change the way we learn, create and evolve in newborn photography.  With over half a million dollars in sales, to more than 35 different countries, their greatly anticipated invention, StandInBaby™ is already set to transform the industry.