We are so grateful to the hundreds of people that included Students, Speakers and Vendors that made our weekend amazing.
Here are just a few of the amazing emails we received…
Hi Ana and Geoff,
I did love the conference!  I felt inspired by the speakers, came home with a notebook full of ideas and information that will take me a month to go through.  I would love to have you put on a second/third/fourth(…) conference as more photographers will be able to prepare, budget and become aware of what you are doing.  This was your first conference and I am sure you learned a lot about what to do and what not to do.  The next will be better and so on.
My favorite speakers were Brooke Shaden, Faythe Eloise, Stephanie Robin, Brittany Woodall and of course, I was really bummed out that I did not take a course with Ana but really wanted to focus on some business aspects more this conference.  (But I will definitely make a point to do a course with her next time!)
Brooke was inspiring and taking about giving meaning to what we do hit home with me. I actually loved her keynote so much that I swapped a class for I could take her course on Saturday.
I took Faythe’s SEO class – she jam-packed it with so much information, solid information.  Not theory but specific information that I now understand and need to implement.
Stephanie Robin’s demo was very good because she was instructing the entire time, not just posing and photographing.  She did the taco pose three separate times with the same infant.  It was so helpful to go over that again and again.
Brittany gave us really solid information on lighting, what exactly was bad lighting and why.  What was good lighting and why but then HOW to achieve it.
Ana is so inspiring.  I could feel her heart and soul went into the conference and it showed.  I loved hearing about her story and who she was and why she does what she does.  Again, I wish I had opened my schedule for her class.
Yes, schedules.  Please give us more time to eat and shop.  But that’s easy to deal with and Ana was more than happy to address concerns and try to fix them.
Please do it again.  So much leg work has been done so the next time everything has been in place and can get better and better.  We need this in the United States.  It will only grow.
Thank you!

Thank you again for a fabulous conference! And YES! I would absolutely do this again! There were some classes I was unable to attend because of others I also wanted. 

As for teachers – they were all amazing but the ones that stand out are Aoife Millea (and her husband, Joseph, in the composite class), Susan Roderick (took her video class), Faythe Hall (took both her branding/seo and magazine classes), Lizzy McMillan (multiples class) and of course, Ana Brandt (maternity, belly casting and body painting class). These are the teachers that gave me the most knowledge. And the morning keynotes were fantastic too!

Yes! I think you should have event next year and also I would go again. 

My favorite speakers were Sandra Moffatt because she gave us an opportunity to pose hands on with the stand by babies, plus she was a sweetheart. 
I loved Julia Kelleher’s energy and learned so much from her presentation. 
Brooke Shaden was awesome 👏🏽 opened my eyes to a different perspective. 
Alli Peck was awesome. Leaving that class had me considering doing nude maternity because I never thought I could or would do nude. 
And of course Ana Brandt

Overall I cannot say enough wonderful things about everything and everybody. Made awesome new friends,  even with a few of the teachers! My biggest thing I have found myself telling everyone today, is how real and passionate the teachers were. I do not really shoot maternity and I was so enthralled with Anna’s class and how passionate she was that I think I might give it a whirl. Tara Ruby’s class was beyond amazing and why there were not more people in there I can’t even believe. The print class taught so much more than making prints, I actually learned more from her about some things than I did from some of the actual hands on teachers. Never again will I take a photo without looking at where a parent’s hands are, lol. She was beyond amazing. The teachers should really get to read some of these comments because they were so amazing and so very real and down to earth. Also LOVED Julia, Aoife and Bryan. I also felt that it was so awesome that there was so much business content besides the actual shooting. There were so many great classes, that I could not get to ones I really wanted, so would definitely attend again.

Thank you again for the experience, education, and love!

Cindy Blumenshein


Ana & Team,

Thank you for hosting such an amazing event.  I have attended a lot of conferences in my life and I have never, ever learned so much and made so many connections.  Every single teacher was down to earth and so amazing to learn from and chat with after the sessions.  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite as they all brought something to the table.  I was probably most shocked in Faythe’s class to learn all of the SEO and social media things that I was doing wrong and that I need to make change. I have already begun to do so and it feels good!
The only constructive criticism I have is just to allow a bit of time for lunch and getting from class to class.  Even though I understand people lolly-gag, it’s also an important time for people to make connections.
I absolutely loved the vendor fair and thought that the variety and talent of vendors was amazing.
You are an extremely gifted leader that I look up to and I’m so happy to have attended the inaugural year.  I hope to return next year and if you need any help, please let me know as I would be more than happy to assist!

Thanks so much!!! 

Michelle Castillo
Michelle Lee Photography

I found out about the conference about 3 weeks ago and on a total whim decided to attend. I’ve never been to any kind of photography conference and the last real class I took was at Brooks Institute of Photography almost 10 years ago now. I’ve been doing what works for me with baby led posing/lifestyle newborn photography and felt like learning “real” posing would be helpful. So many of the speakers were so incredibly great and I loved learning from each and every one of them, but I think the most helpful speaker for me was Emily Lucarz. I switched to her class at the last minute on Sunday and almost didn’t take it because I wasn’t sure how much I would learn from someone who does something very similar to what I do style wise. But what I realized in her class wasn’t the technical side of photography but simple knowing that what I do is desirable too and I don’t need to do what everyone else is doing to be successful. Seeing her price list opened my eyes! 

I would definitely come back if you do it next year, it was worth every penny.



As a beginner and someone who had no clue what a conference was, it was absolutely amazing and inspiring. Ana’s compassion, attention to detail, and her thrive to educate others really shone through. 

The venue was beautiful, the food was great and having some of the best speakers in the world in one place was truly a dream come true. 

My favorite speaker was Sandra. I just loved the way she spoke to us very candidly, not trying to sell us anything (no pressure to purchase SIB) finding the cheapest easiest way to take photos and make money. I loved her so much, after the first class I ended up adding her second one.

 I wish there was more time with Faythe, and more time with Geoff and Bryan! I could listen to them and pick their brains for hours about pricing since I have no clue what I’m doing and can’t afford all the individual workshops.

Ana’s class is a no brainer it was just so cool to watch her in action! I have never taken maternity photos and her class made me feel like I could totally do it.

Overall it was great and if the funds were there I would attend again! 


Yes, I would go again – I learned sooo much!

I had many favorite instructors, but Stephanie Robin was my favorite – her advocacy for safety was outstanding and yet another way we can stand out among our competition.

Thank you all for all the hard work and dedication in the planning and execution – fantastic job!

Rosanne Sax

Littles & Light Photography


Hi Ana, 
Thank you so much for putting on the BBB! As a vendor, I loved it (but so wish I could take classes too – I heard they were all so amazing!) It was my first newborn photography conference and meeting so many other vendors and photographers was fantastic. I would do your event again- and hope you put another one on. The breakfast buffet was so delicious and the hotel was beautiful. Thank you so much for everything you and your team did – they are great! 
Karie McKean
AND when asked if we will do it again…many of you responded in our private attendee group..

Cindy Walton Blumenshein Definitely!! Worth every penny!

Megan Dustin ABSOLUTELY!! I am SO glad I went for it, and would love to attend again.

Tara Lauducci Lund I would come again in a heartbeat!!!! Loved it so much! Stephanie Robin was worth the entire conference!!!!!  I loved Carla Durante under water photography class but wish there was time to get in the water with her. Bryan Caporicci had awesome info for me but couldn’t stay after class to receive it because I was late for the next class. Amazing experience awesome speakers!!!

Sign me up for #2
Great job Ana Brandt Geoff Brandt Lizzy Zornes McMillan Alex Robles and all the others helping behind the scenes❤️
I know you said email…..sorry baby crying this was my one second I had 😂

Christina Kjar Hanson I had a fantastic experience as a vendor (LavenderLou). Would definitely do it again.
Allyson Barth Yes, yes, yes! It was amazing! I hope it’s warmer next year though.

Astrid Orellana Please do it again! It was life changing!

Marcela Lemonshoots If you do it again Ana, I’m in already! Even if it is exactly the same teachers and classes I’m in! There were so many I wanted to take but couldn’t! Will email you this week once I’m back to normal! 🙂 It was awesome!

Falguni Kharwa Yes yes pls do it again I will come again all the way from India to learn n met my BBB family n friends… Ana count me on your team next time would be happy to help. Will send an email once I am home good luck with the planning.

Susan Roderick Yes do it again! Such great vibes, sweet people and authentic speakers ❤️ I love the Boutique learning style too. The whole event left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling

Nikki Hirschkorn I’d be there in a heartbeat…working or attending. Everyone was so sweet, especially to my daughter Lexi Tesi.

Jenn Reid Yes!!! Please!! It was a life changing experience for me!!! Working on a little video…

Karen Fullmer Yes, yes, yes, do it again! Loved every minute.

Jennifer McNeil Stephanie Robin was one of my favorites. I almost didn’t take her classes because I wasn’t terribly interested in doing those poses, but at the last minute I switched hoping to get more general safety info and I am so glad I did. The safety aspect has always been so important to me and there needs to be more talk about it! Sandra Moffatt was another favorite – super easy to talk to and LOTS of great business information. So grateful for being able to steal away from my family for the weekend and do this for me.

Aoife Millea Me ! I wanna go again !

Stephanie Robin I’d love to be involved again. This conference was a fantastic experience for me and I’m so thankful to Ana for being the first North American conference to truly give a platform to newborn safety education and affording me the chance to speak in front of the full audience of attendees. You are all so wonderful for investing in yourselves and your learning and striving to better your businesses.
Veronica Vasquez-Ramos I am so grateful to all the teachers for teaching us their detailed tips and tricks! I felt extremely blessed to be a part of such an educational and informative event! Thank you to all who were a part of it!
Trae Bohlen yes yes yes PLEASE do this again. I loved all your speaker choices 😀 Brian was an amazing keynote. Next time I need to attend as well as vend!!
Bryan Caporicci I’d go again (and teach again), no question!
Hania Shiblaq-Saleh I would fly from Beirut in a heartbeat to attend a BBB convention!!! It’s very hard to say who my favorite teacher was! Each one contributed in a different way. I learned from them all, I just wish I had more time to see the other teachers’ classes that I missed! For me personally, the “business” side of it brought me up so much! Before I came to BBB I was thinking a certain way but after BBB, I came out with a different attitude! Thank you for your hard work Ana and Geoff…it paid off!!!
Liliana C Martin absolutely amazing! beyond words, truly an experience I will never forget! it would be incredible to be able to attend another BBB Conference! Also, I took my husband and two kids with me and they truly enjoyed all the amenities and fun family accommodation at the Newport Resort. WORTH EVERY PENNY!