A big thank you to Anne Geddes who was our Keynote speaker for our 3rd  event.

We are excited to announce our Keynote Speaker for 2020. We will be announcing it very soon! We are so excited to open up registration for 2020.
We received an amazing response from our announcement that we were bringing back BBB for 2020 and Beyond. We will hold it every year in California and keep perfecting the process each year.
We also brought back 3 days as we feel that was the best format and allows plenty of time.

What is BBB? This will be our 4th event and it is an annual event that brings together Photographers from all over the world to learn maternity, newborn and beyond. What is beyond? We know there is a ton more than just shooting maternity and newborn. The Beyond covers so many things, and for starters – in  2020 we will bring back underwater sessions with our amazing Instructor Carla Durante who comes all the way from Brazil to teach her amazing work, and the popular Rain session that was so amazing hosted by Daniel Woods.

BBB is back! Next year and every year as long as we can!


We are so grateful to the hundreds of people that included Students, Speakers and Vendors that made BBB amazing. Here are just a few of the amazing emails we received…

Belly Baby Beyond Conference

The Belly Baby and Beyond Photographers Conference was held for three year 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Our Conference returns June 26-28, 2020

California – details coming soon






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