What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who sells (in this instance) registrations to the Belly Bay and Beyond Conference in May. In return, the Conference pays you a fee/commission ($100) for every referral who registers for the conference using the link you give them. You can sell as many registrations as you want. Obviously if you sell 7, you will have reduced your own effective registration fee in half as an attendee!

Signing Up to be an Affiliate

You must sign up for an Affiliate Account from Belly Baby Beyond/TAoPaN before you can begin earning commissions. This only has to happen once. After you have an account, if Belly Baby Beyond/TAoPaN adds more products or services that are eligible for commissions, they will be added to your account automatically and you can begin selling them.

When you start, you will have access to two products. One is the conference registration if someone pays the entire amount at once. The other is the conference registration if your referral would rather pay for the conference using a payment plan. Each product type has its own unique link (that you give to your referral so they can purchase a Registration).

The signup button is on the Affiliates page, which is located on the Belly Baby Beyond main menu at the top of the screen.

When you click on the Sign Up Now or Join Today button, you are taken to the Create Account/Login screen:

Affiliate Signup

When you get there, make sure you click the top Blue button that says, “Sign Up and Register”. TAoPaN/Belly Baby Beyond is using software from a company called “ThriveCart” to manage your commissions. So don’t be confused when you see that name. It’s still Belly Baby Beyond!

Unique ID

At the ID screen, fill in your information. You create your own Affiliate ID. The system will make sure it’s unique. Just be aware that your Affiliate link for every product you sell will be the product’s URL with your ID added to the end. So be aware it will be visible to the world. When you are done, click the green “Create my account” button:

Signup Address

Fill out your address and press, Continue.

Signup Phone

Type in your phone number and click Continue.

Signup W-9

Before you can receive commissions as an Affiliate for Bell Baby Beyond, you must submit a W-9 form (or W8-BEN if applicable outside the US) so your commissions can be reported for income tax purposes. You may or may not be asked for it during the signup process. If you are, follow these instructions. By clicking the W-9 or W8-BEN link, the associated form pops up on your screen to be filled out and saved. If you are not asked for a document, you’ll be taken directly to the Signup Confirm screen instead (further below in these instructions after the image of the W-9).

Signup W-9 Form

After you fill out and save your W-9 to your hard drive, at the Affiliate signup screen, click the Blue “Select a Document to Upload” button and locate the W-9 you just saved and attach it. You’ll see a green progress bar count to 100% as the document uploads. When it’s done (100%), click Continue.

Signup Confirm

Finally, check the box to confirm all the information you’ve provided is accurate and click the big blue Confirm button. Your application will show up at Belly Baby Beyond Customer Support Department waiting to be approved, which will happen by the end of the next business day from submission. In the meantime, you’ll be taken to your new Affiliate Account control center:

Signup Control Panel

Note the product you signed up to sell is shown at the bottom in the products tab. The green banner indicates you are waiting for approval in order to begin selling the product.

At the same time you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you specified in the first signup screen. This is important because in order for your commissions to be recognized and to be able to get a password to log back into your account, you need to activate your account by clicking the link in the email :

Signup Email Confirmation

Click the link in the email at the bottom to confirm your new account. You are then taken to a browser screen with a dialog box indicating a second email was sent to the same address with a temporary password so you may sign in to you new account. Congratulations!

For a guide on how to use your control panel to get your affiliate link(s), manage your products, earn commissions and track your income, click here to visit the Affiliate Account Management page.