Casey Dittmer

Marternity Photographer

Casey Dittmer

Casey is an awarding winning photographer from Western Colorado. With over 19 years experience in the industry, She has seen trends, economies and businesses come and go. She believes in always pushing forward in your business and in your art. Best known for her high dynamic maternity portraits,she combines amazing scenery, custom styled gowns and powerful posing to create maternity portraits unlike anyone else. She loves to travel and share her knowledge in hopes it will help fire up others in the industry to find their path and their artistic voice. In the sea of photographers she wants to help you to stand out and never be afraid to hustle.


Dynamic – Daring – Defining

Maternity Portraits that will build your brand

This class will focus on creating high impact maternity portraits that not only produce high sales, but also take your photography brand to the next level. In today’s society, consumers are over saturated with visual images. By using posing, lighting, styling and editing, you can create maternity images that STOP THE SCROLL.Learning effective and efficient posing that makes every woman feel like a super model and increases variety for higher sales. Discuss key elements when styling creative sessions and finally 3 key editing hacks to help every image become a masterpiece.

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