Lauren Bennett


Lauren Bennett

I’m Lauren, creator of LSP Actions. I am also a  multi-award-winning photographer and business owner at Lemon Sky Photography Ltd in the UK. I  have created LSP Actions to help you to speed up and perfect your photo editing.


A Graphic Designer for years prior to becoming a newborn and family photographer, Photoshop and Lightroom have been my geeky side-kicks for as long as I can remember!






Professional photographic software of the year with over 7.5k votes

2nd place for professional photographic customer service of the year

Used by over 8k photographers

Many photographic awards including 3 images nominated for international image of the year in newborn and maternity

Featured in cosmopolitan, country living, creativity backdrops, creative light magazine and more

“The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt”

To stop following everyone else and do it my way

To me, balance means sometimes being ok with unbalance whilst you are trying new things or preparing. Always step back and look to the bigger picture.

I teach newborn photographers how to instantly achieve fast and flawless editing with Photoshop and Lightroom.

To help as many photographers as I can whilst showing my children that they can achieve anything they want to in life

Taking the mystery out of editing and explaining things in a way you will never forget

The UK

To 150% be yourself. Stay true to your inner voice and forget what anyone else is doing.

Ask me this question in 5 years time and I’ll tell you I am exactly where I’m meant to be


… Eating chocolate

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