Kirsten & Jenny (The Simple Swaddler)

Newborn Photographers

Kirsten & Jenny

The day Kirsten and Jenny met 20 years ago, they had no idea what would become. Kirsten has been a photographer for 26 years and Jenny 20. In 2002 they left the corporate photography scene to start their own photography businesses. Now 16 years later they run a successful business together as well as their own. Primarily self-taught, you will meet few people with more experience in all genres of photography; if there is a mistake to be made, they’ve made it AND overcome it! They are the co-owners/inventors of The Simple Swaddler which they started in 2015 and have reached thousands of newborn photographers worldwide. They are committed to creating products which aid in newborn safety and your success as a photographer. Kirsten and Jenny are two of the most real, honest and down to earth people you will meet. They are known for their sense of humor (seriously, they are funny AF), openness and dedication to helping others succeed in their businesses by passing on all they have learned over the years!


Smoke & Mirrors – Tricks of the trade to help you master YOUR Newborn Photography

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