Elisa Cogotti

My name is Elisa Cogotti, I’m 34, mother of beautiful child named Lorenzo and happily married with vietnamese man. We now live in USA but I originally come from Italy.

I’ve been a successful pregnancy and newborn photographer since 2014, opened my first studio in Sardinia and recently opened my new one in Columbia (Maryland)

I don’t photograph people. I photograph the way they make me feel and I learnt to do it following my heart and creative attitude. What I love most is feeling inspired by every thing surround me and being aware of the fact that every little thing effect the result of my art has been a strong inspiration to turn my life into a day by day happiness and surround myself with positive things and people.

I love the way photography changed my life in a better one and everything that enrich your life deserve your attention. That’s how I started and those are the values I’d like to bring into my daily business.

I am also a successful teacher to other photographers around Italy and Europe; my priorities as a teacher are safety and teach how to remain calm, creative and have a good time at the same time and in every single session (even during hardest ones) in order to be challenging and feel like we are doing exactly what we were born for and not working. I teach both when it is essential to have control over the session and when it’s time to let things flow and capture the moments, losing control.

I plan continue teaching in USA as well. Creativity, tenderness, connections and warmness are the keywords for my photography.