Jennifer Parpette

Jennifer has been a photographer in France for sixteen years, including ten freelance in her studio. After working in a traditional photo laboratory, she was one of the first to settle in a studio dedicated solely to the world of maternity and birth, while photography in France was in full decline.

Distinguished “Artisan of art” in France, which stands for high recognition of skills and knowledge , published several times, received numerous times as a specialist about pregnancy photography on French television, hwe images stand out for their simplicity and timelessness. Images that resemble the models photographed, in a pure, bright and glamorous atmosphere, but always elegant.

Jennifer photographs future mothers, newborns and is passionate about generational photos, like in the good old time, which brings the whole family together. Fascinated by the adventures of life, she promotes exchanges and dialogues during the sessions, so that the moment is as much appreciated as the images that will remain.

She is keen to photograph her models today to make their memories of tomorrow without them fading or getting old fashioned.

Breakout Class

Sunday  June 28

Maternity Transitional Posing

DEMO with live models