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Aoife Millea

Cleare Photography

Aoife Millea

Hi my name is Aoife Millea ( Efa ) from Cleare Photography . I live in Ireland with my hubby Joe ( who is also the best assistant)  and our 2 children Oisín and Sarah and fur baby heather . I run a busy newborn studio in my hometown and couldn’t be happier that i get to call this my job ! My passion is newborn composites and dreaming up new ideas for them, i like fun and colorful with a splash of magic . I love talking and am a little goofy.

Conference class by Aoife Millea

Newborn Composites

Aoife will photograph a newborn and teach how she poses, and lights for transitions and composite images. She will then show her editing process for creating composites.

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Interview with Aoife Millea

How long have you been in business?

I have been shooting for hobby for 10 years and in business for 5 of those .

Why did you start?

I started photography like many others as a hobby that i loved , i never thought for a second it would result in a business though ! if someone had asked me a few years ago would you ever want to have a business my answer would have been , nope , nerp , no way ,  lol .

Tell us about your family? How many kids? Who watches them while you travel?

I am married to Joe who is also my assistant . We have been together since we were 16 ( now both 36 ) and have two amazing red head babies  – Oisin 14 and Sarah 7 , they still keep us on our toes ! . When traveling we love to take them with us when we can and when we cannot we are lucky enough to have both of our parents living within walking distance . They are rather happy to stay at either grandparents homes as the treats and late nights are more frequent hehe .

Favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of the job is being able to work with Joe and brand new babies every day , and that we never have to miss important events for our kids because we can schedule shoots around them .

Favorite marketing tip? what did you do to get your name out there?

When i started photography i never planned on it being a business but with word of mouth and facebook it very quickly became a busy one , word of mouth for me is the most important – we treat every mom and dad and babies like they are the most important people in the world on the day of their shoot , making them feel comfortable , special ,  relaxed and cared for .

Favorite baby supply item

My favorite baby supplies are baby dream backdrops , the knitting bitty , the felted attic, felt fur , delicate things – photography props , mimosa house ( mike is the bees knees ) , off my hooks , woodsy wonders props , sew perfect props .

Favorite prop

My favorite prop is actually an old beat up shelf i got at a thrift shop for 8 euro , i use it for every shelf composite !

What does your future look like?

Hopefully my future looks busy , bright  and healthy 🙂 with family , friends and lots of babies .

What is your message to your children about life and running a business

My message to our children about life is to slow down, have fun  and enjoy everything they do , respect people and be humble , but when its time to work – work hard and they can be whatever they dream to be .

What is something you wish you knew when starting out?

When i started out i wish i knew how to manage my time better, to balance family and work .