Lindsay Walden

Lindsay Walden

Do you ever scratch your head when it comes to pricing your artwork? Have you wondered how to attract clients that truly value photography and are willing to invest in the art you create? Do you want to build a business that is both profitable and sustainable but just aren’t sure where to start? We will cover this and so much more in the Pricing and Branding for the Luxury Market course. (sponsored by prodpi)

Conference class by Lindsay Walden

Pricing and Branding for the Luxury Market

The Pricing and Branding for the Luxury Market course will take an in-depth look at the photography market and the purchasing habits of potential clients, especially within the luxury market. We’ll discuss how to position yourself in the luxury market to best achieve your studio’s financial goals. Lindsay will address those common questions and fears that sometimes stop us from progressing or making sound business financial decisions. Creating a superlative client experience that will attract the types of clients who truly value photography is essential and we will cover that entire workflow from start to finish. We will delve deep into evaluating your costs and determining your cost of doing business and then use this as a jumping off point for creating pricing specific to your business that will ensure profitability and sustainability. We will talk through pricing strategies, choosing the right finished artwork options for your brand and how to make selling to clients easy. Finally, we will will address your specific questions about pricing and branding for the luxury market.

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Interview with Lindsay Walden

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been photographing for fun for nearly ten years. Formally in business about eight years.

Why did you start?

I started out as a photographer because I was too cheap to pay someone else to take pictures of my own kids! That I now offer a luxury photography experience to my clients and personally value photography as a priceless, treasured medium for capturing the most precious of memories is a small miracle. During our course I’ll explain a little about my journey and what helped me to change the way I value photography.

Tell us about your family? How many kids? Who watches them while you travel?

I have three darling children and the world’s best husband! Seriously. He is the coolest. He is my rock and my support and is always game to take care of the kids while I’m traveling.  

Favorite part about your job?

I love making moms cry. Not in a bad way. But when they view their beautiful images for the first time or that treasured heirloom album or their stunning wall art and they cannot hold back the joy that seeing their artwork brings, that is just the best!

Favorite marketing tip? what did you do to get your name out there?

Hire an experienced SEO expert! Being on page one for your area will help your ideal clients find you! Also, be different. When you look like, sound like and do things just like everyone else does you are not going to stand out and be remembered. Whether your work is different, your process or your client experience, make sure that you are setting yourself apart.

Favorite baby supply item?

Chucks. These are adult pee pads that you can purchase off of amazon. They are safer than using puppy pee pads which have dangerous chemicals on them. We cut them into strips and different sizes depending on how we will be using them and they save us from a ton of laundry and annoying stains.

Favorite prop?

Little beds. I have several and I use one every session. It is one of the easiest shots to get when you have a wrapped baby and you can style it differently every time.

What does your future look like?

Awesome! Our studio is meeting or exceeding it’s financial goals which will allow us to serve our clients for a long time. 

What is your message to your children about life and running a business?

It is hard work being a business owner. But my purpose behind it all is my family. When something I am doing related to my business starts really interfering with or is a detriment to my family then we re-work things, outsource or scale things back until we come up with a solution. I want my children to know that they always come first. A favorite quote is, “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.” -David O. McKay 

What is something you wish you knew when starting out?

Two things, though they are really connected. The first goes back to the last question. Years ago I was working my tail off trying to make my business succeed. I was working crazy hours, missing kid’s soccer games and generally being neglectful of those relationships that matter most.  It was this realization that caused me to 1) reprioritize and put my family first above all else and 2) recognize that I needed to treat my photography business as a real business. It had to be profitable and sustainable if I was to continue to pursue photography as a career. This change in my priorities and my mindset was the starting point for creating a highly successful luxury photography brand.