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Your images will help you get new clients, but the overall experience you provide to them is what keeps them coming back. Meredith will talk through her experience as a photographer and how she learned the importance of providing a perfect client experience and how it effects the growth of your business. You’ll learn the key components to delivering the perfect experience for your clients and the simple steps that you can begin implementing immediately. You’ll also learn how providing an amazing overall experience can add to your bottom line!

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Are you struggling to stay organized, sane and happy in your business? As a small business owner, we often get overwhelmed, stressed and disorganized. In this class, Meredith will share with you easy and efficient ways to bring balance to your business and your life. You’ll get an inside look into studio management, and how using it can truly provide you the balance you need to continue growing your business. In addition to finding that balance, Meredith will also share insight into using studio management to grow your business, while still getting time back!

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With over 8 years in the photography industry, Meredith has developed a strong passion for helping photographers grow their businesses. After spending 8 years in health care process improvements, when Meredith entered the photography industry she was surprised at how much of the industry was not focusing on best practices when it comes to running a business. After 6 years growing her own photography business, she realized she could take what she had learned and share her knowledge with other photographers. Meredith created Iris Works, a studio management system, to take her passion of educating best business practices and make it easy for photographers to put the these practices into action.

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