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Key Features:

• Discovering your WHY and fulfilling your purpose

• Connected to a Cause

• Positioning vs. Posing

• The Five WOVEN Positions

• The CALM Theory to Compositional Shooting

• The Simplified Supplies

• The Perfect Prop

In this class you will gain skills with instructional guidance, which will inspire and direct you on a journey to exploring and capturing how fearfully and wonderfully new life is made in our Creator’s image. Through a process of eliminating all expectations and perfections, you will learn to see through fresh eyes how to capture early life in a whole new way by naturally “positioning” vs. “posing”, intricately woven in the womb.

You know you were created for so much more and are craving a deeper connection and purpose in your work, but haven’t been able to reach your full potential. You love natural imagery and have a thirst for authentic “life-on-life” relationships with like-minded women. You’re passion and desires are to step in to your calling with the gifts you have been given. Does this sound like you? Then this class will evoke that spark deep in your soul waiting to be seen.

My mission is to instruct you how to photograph newborns by “seeing” the miracle of birth through the eyes of our Creator, experience the emotional connection, touch upon the delicate details and pursue with a purpose and passionate heart.  Our God has given us, as Newborn Photographers, the ability to amazingly connect with the babies we photograph by soothing, comforting and embracing them with the use of our hands, and that’s a tremendous privilege; a gift from the Lord.  No other genre in our industry connects to its subjects in the same way as we do. You are as unique and special, as the tiny humans you photograph. I believe in photographing newborns in the most purest, natural form of their existence portrays them as they were meant to be. The authentic moments we capture of our tinniest humans lies within our true purpose and what we have been called to do. This is our “Why.”

Join me in this class where you will gain the skills needed to achieve the “Five Woven Positions” in creating a simplistic style of natural newborn imagery that will reach deep within your soul and come alive in your artistic abilities. We will incorporate a “CALM-Theory” style of compositional shooting I’ve structured specifically for newborn photographers in order to produce beautiful, aesthetically pleasing galleries for your clients that will sustain them for many years to come.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.”  PSALM 32:8

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Robin Long is an Award Winning and Internationally acclaimed, Fine Art Portrait Artist, Speaker, Coach and Author of “Natural Newborn Baby Photography”, specializing in the pure wonderment of mothers and their babies. Her book was published in 2013 by Peachpit and is now available in 5 different languages throughout the world. She has presented natural newborn photography Master Classes at WPPI, The Newborn Photography Show in the United Kingdom, The Baby Summit 2016,and has traveled and coached hundreds of like-minded professionals all across the USA, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Italy.

The representation of Robin’s work invites you in to the secret life of a newborn, intricately woven in the depths of the earth, waiting to be known.  Her style in capturing our littlest subjects is recognized as pure, natural and unformed, sensed with an incomprehensible awakening of the heart.

“I believe in telling the story as it unfolds; where authentic moments are birthed in natural connections, and honest emotions flow effortlessly. Every new life has been knitted together in the mother’s womb, fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator, even so the days that were formed for us, when as yet there was none of them.  It is my passion to be able to express the longing of my soul in capturing the true, genuine moments of new life. If we can allow the secret places of our hearts to be exposed, we will find the center where our desires come from. Only then can we fulfill our purpose.”

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